+I can't touch the vendors from the 2nd Sim

  • For Firestorm Viewer

+Do Epiphany points carry over?

  • After each round of The EPiphany only 100 points will roll over for the next round.

+What happens if I purchase items from Yard Sales?

  • The Epiphany Event or designers are NOT responsible for any 3rd party purchases.
  • 3rd party purchases from yard sales, marketplace, etc. is at your own risk.
  • If you have a problem with your purchase you will have to contact the seller you bought the item from.

+What happens if I'm caught cheating?

  • Any cheating attempts or attempting to scam the system will result in an immediate ban.
  • A list will be created with names of those who try and distributed to other Event Hosts and designers.

+My item I wanted disappeared.

  • Please read the prompts carefully when rezzing your item. You have 30 seconds to decided if you wish to Redeem or Keep that Gacha item.

    Redeeming or Keep

+What if I do not recieve my item?

  • In case of a non-delivery, please refer to the designer’s policies on replacements.
  • Do not contact The Epiphany Staff members. It is advised to have the transaction history when contacting the designer.
  • Screen shots of the transaction can be helpful to the designer.
  • You can use these programs to help:
  • These will upload the image to an online server instead of uploading a photo into Second Life when sending your transaction to the designer.

+What are the Gacha percentages?

  • All Epiphany machines are set between 10 % to 15% in winning chances for rares.
  • They will not go any lower.

+What is Gacha?

  • Gacha is a game of chance.
  • You pay the machine to receive a random item.
  • The item that is give is random. You may or may not get your item on the first try. It is your choice to continue to play the machine to get the item you want.
  • Designers are not allowed to sell or trade you any other items from their machines to keep it fair for all participants.

+Are you able to TRANSFER Epiphany points?

  • Epiphany points are not transferable.

+How can I join The Epiphany as a Blogger/Designer?

  • Currently The Epiphany is not looking to add any new bloggers or designers. Thank you for your interest in our event.
  • This is an invite only event.

+When does The Epiphany open?

  • The Epiphany is a quarterly event.
  • It runs 4 times a year.
  • Opening date will be announced in group notices. If you’d like to keep up to date with the event please join the in-world group to be current.