Setup Instructions

  1. ▹ Pickup Scripts Here:

    ▹ Gacha Machine

    Add all your items to your machine or applicable buttons. Add primary and secondary script. Simply touch machine or buttons to finish configuration.

  2. ▹ Packaging: (Double boxing is no longer needed.)

    Please make sure you change your point scripts to NO COPY before adding them to your boxes.

    Commons are packaged with one point script.

    Rares are packaged with three point script.

    Please do not add any title scripts, unpacking scripts or any other scripts to your box.

    Please make sure RARE is added to the END of your item’s name.


    Jian - Kitten RARE

    Jian - Kitten 1 RARE

  3. ▹ Exclusive

    Add your exclusive item to your exclusive frame along with your exclusive script.

    ▹ VIP Perk [Optional]

    Add your VIP reward to your regular gacha machine.

    Make sure the last word of the name is VIP.


    Jian - Kitten Reward VIP

    Jian - Kitten VIP

    There is a VIP Frame to showcase your ad.

  4. ▹ Fatpack [Optional]

    If you would like to offer a fatpack option, you may add your set in copy/no transfer form to a Fatpack button along with the fatpack scripts. After adding all your items and your scripts, simply touch your button to finish configuration.

    Need help?

    Please send a message to Enviously, Catheryne Darkfury or Skye Everidge.

Check notices for the blogger room slurl, demo party room and how to set up your ad in our shopping guide HUD.